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Outdoor P7 led screen



Product model :P7 Full Color Led Module

Module size: 224mm*112mm

Pixel pitch: 7mm

Pixel density: 20408dots/m2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B 3 in 1

Module resolution: 32dots(W)*16dots(H)

Maximum power consumption : 23W

Module thickness:2.7cm

Module weight:0.5kg

Driving method :Constant current driving

Scan mode: 1/8 scan

Interface type:  HUB75B

Brightness: ≥7000cd/m2

The specifications of cabinet

Cabinet size: 896mm x 896mm

Module quantity: 32pcs

Power supply : 5V/40A 5V/60A

Cabinet resolution:  128*128dots

Optimal viewing distance :7m~50m

Optimal viewing angle: 160°(W) 120°(H)

Temperature Storage:-35℃~+85℃


System operating humility: 10%-95%

The specifications of power supply

Operating voltage: AC220V±10%

Average power consumption : 350W/H

Maximum power consumption : ≤600W/㎡

Current: ≤20mA(single LED)

The specifications of control system

Computer :Pentium4 or above

Operating system :WIN98/2000/NT/XP

Control model :Synchronization with PC

The specifications of the main technical parameters

Driving device :Constant current driving

Refresh rate: ≥600Hz

Grey scale: RGB each 256 grade, can display 16.7M colors)

MTBF: ≥9000hours

Power switch:  Automatic Switch

Display mode: 800*600/1024*768/1280*900

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